Expressing satisfaction and dissatisfaction

 Asking about satisfaction/ dissatisfaction:
o   How do you like your room?
o   Is everything O.K.?
o   Is everything satisfactory?
o   Are you satisfied?
o   Did you find our service satisfactory?
o   Do you want to complain about something?
o   Was something not to your satisfaction?
o   Are you dissastisfied with something?
Expressing satisfaction
• I’m satisfied with ….
• I’m satisfied at ….
• I’m glad with what you’ve done.
• It’s really satisfying.
• Everything was satisfying.
Young man getting good news at the computer and expressing his satisfaction. Stock Photo - 1158277
Expressing dissatisfaction
I’m not satisfied with ….
• It isn’t very nice.
• It’s really not good enough.
• I’m dissatisfied by ….
• It’s dissatisfying.
• Oh no.

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